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bookLearn about history and what it looked like as seen through the eyes of those who lived in this time under Hitler and his dictatorship in the tale of…

The Piano Tuner’s Daughter: My Best friend


Winner of John E Weaver’s Excellent Read Award




Second place winner of Children’s Literature in the 2015
Competition of WRITERS



Reader Reviews

The Piano Tuner’s Daughter

Both the words and the art in this book are very moving, but
the drawings and design are particularly well done. I also really
appreciate the photograph on the front cover, an instant reminder
that this book is grounded in reality….

Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


… Ingrid Silvian’s handsome book is a pleasure to read.  She takes us into the sanctuary of a German childhood in wartime and into the special friendship of two girls in those circumstances. They play in a world of rubble, and shrapnel, and tuneless pianos, but through the chaos of war the lovely melody of the friendship of these children persists for us…

Ray Fitch, PhD
Athens, Ohio


…Your book just arrived, what a treasure!  It has the tune of a true story teller…

Ruth Simons
Cincinnati, Ohio


…I found this children’s book delightful and it read with great heart, passion and love.  It’s a wonderful tool to reach elementary children with a history lesson.  Good work, with authentic insight from a child’s memory from a world gone by…

Linda Hutchison, author
Columbus, Ohio


…Thank you so much for the copy of your book.  I was excited to see it.  I really enjoyed seeing it in print…

Arie Zitsos, illustrator
Mobile, Alabama


I ordered your book from amazon and just read it this evening. Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your journey in your book. This book really did give me a perspective of a child during world war II. I enjoyed reading and visualing you both playing together and then to have things change so drastically with the war – I became saddened. The end of the story brought tears to my eyes.

You are an amazing women. Thank you for not only writing this book – thanks for all you do to help others. I am blessed our paths crossed. Continued blessings in all you do.

Tracee’ Black-Fall, Executive Director
P.O. Box 360743
Columbus, OH